The historical archives of the Latin Patriarchate

Since its reestablishment in 1847 by Pius IX, the Latin Patriarchate has preserved the fruits of its activities through its historical archives. Its oldest documents date back to the time of Mgr. Giuseppe Valerga, first Patriarch (1847–1872). Today, the historical archives are completed by the modern archives, where can be found archival documents are still in production.

Approximately 3,000 folders and boxes containing numerous documents in four languages (French, Arabic, Italian, and English) make up the Patriarchate's historical archives. The documents are classified by theme, according to the functioning of the institution. In addition, part of the collection consists of the archives of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.

Of a varied nature, the preserved archives are textual but also photographic. The Latin Patriarchate has a collection of photographs of parishes and clerical life, the oldest of which date from the second half of the 19th century. In addition to old books, such as those by Médébielle or Duvignau on the Patriarchs, the Patriarchate, and the parishes, as well as a collection of art objects, the archives also include a set of periodicals published by the Latin Patriarchate since the 1920s.

Only the textual archives between 1847 and 1950 are available for consultation.

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