Beit Afram Elderly House

Beit Afram Elderly House


Beit Afram’s elderly house is found in a Christian Palestinian village, called Taybeh. The house was named after the Biblical name of the area, which is “Afram”. It was established in 2005, with the financial help of Msgr Anglo Lefei, from Florence (Italy). And on October 12th, 2005, the first 5 elderlies were welcomed to the house, including a priest. Gradually, the house hosted 16 individuals in total. In 2015, a new kitchen was installed, as well as a physiotherapy room to offer better services to the elders. And due to high demand by Christian families from all over Palestine, rehabilitation work was done to the house in 2021, extending it to host a larger number of elderlies. Today, it accommodates up to 28 individuals.

The mission

Afram’s house aims to create a healthy space for the elderly, providing them with a better quality of life, especially in terms of medical care (Medicines; hygiene; physical therapy; healthy nutrition; a welcoming humanitarian and spiritual atmosphere, and other needs). The spiritual aspect comes with importance for the both the guests and employees. Also, recreational activities are highly encouraged, such as listening to music, dancing, and engage in purposeful games. In addition to creating an opportunity for social communication between the elderly and various members of surrounding institutions, such as school students; Christian youth groups, and members of various pastoral movements.


This house is dedicated to serve the Palestinian Christian elderly, especially those residing in Taybeh and the Governorate of Ramallah. The main reasons behind the establishment of the house:

1.An increase in the number of the elderly people left without adequate care.
2.The absence of similar homes in the area. The nearest house is in Jerusalem, yet it is inaccessible due to the restriction of movement caused by the Apartheid Wall.
3.An increase in the migration rate of the young generation, which lead to leaving their parents behind without adequate care.

Who is responsible for the house?

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is directly responsible for the house, in terms of both maintenance and management. Since 2011, the administration of the house and the follow-up on its daily affairs have been handed to the care of the Association of the Children of Mary, which is made up of 5 young missionaries from Brazil. They have a special charisma that testifies to God’s merciful love in the world, by providing various services focused on relieving human pain (physical, social, psychological, and spiritual terms as well). Currently, the Sisters of the Incarnate Word oversee the follow-up of the affairs of the center and take care of the affairs of the patients.

How can you support us?

The house is mostly in need of the assistance of health care professionals, especially nurses and physiotherapists. Therefore, we welcome those who wish to volunteer their time and capabilities in service of the elderlies. Also, anyone who is musically talented, or has any creative talent, and has patience and Christian spirituality are welcomed to spend quality time with the elderly in an atmosphere of fun and love through their talent.

Beit Afram Elderly House