Peter Madros
  • 07/10/1949: born in Jerusalem of a family who suffered twice from forced relocation during the war.
  • 04/09/1962: Joined the Latin Patriarchate Minor Seminary in Beit Jala
  • 24/06/1972: Ordained Priest by Patriarch Yacoub Beltritti at the Latin Patriarchate Co-Cathedral in Jerusalem
  • 08/1972: Vicar to Fr. Anton Buzzo, Immaculate Conception Parish in Bir Zeit
  • 1973: Translated the Book of Psalms into Arabic. This translation was adopted for the Liturgical texts of the Eucharist the present day and was first adopted for the Liturgy of Hours.
  • 08/1974: Professor, Latin Patriarchate Seminary
  • 09/02/1975: Parish Priest, St. Joseph Parish, Ader (Jordan)
  • 27/11/1975:  Fidei Donum Priest to South Sudan (Malakal)
  • 04/10/1977: Returned to Jerusalem
  • 1977:  Biblical Studies, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome
  • 1980: Licentiate in Biblical Studies from the Biblicum University, Rome
  • August 1981: served as parochial vicar in Beit Jala and Professor of Biblical Studies and Islam at the Seminary of Beit Jala.
  • 17/06/1982: achieved Doctorate in Biblical Theology from the Urbania University, Rome, where he presented his dissertation before Cardinal Ratzinger on the subject of the Psalms. At the same time, he was parochial vicar in Beit Jala,
  • 1982: Vicar, Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish in Beit Jala; Professor, Latin Patriarchate Seminary
  • 08/1989: Parish Priest, Our Lady of Fatima in Beit Sahour, Palestine
  • 1995: Vicar to  Fr. Ibrahim Hijazin, Holy Family Parish in Ramallah
  • 1996:  Resident Priest and In-Charge of Catechism, Freres of Christian Schools in Bethlehem
  • 02/2003: Responsible for Biblical Pastoral work  “The Holy Book in the Diocese”
  • 2019: Appointed Canon of the Holy Sepulcher
  • 18/12/2019: Deceased in Jerusalem

Personal facts:

– During his academic life, he taught the Sacred Scriptures, Islam and the history of the Church in Palestine and other ecclesiastical institutions.

– He was known by his ability to speak 16 languages – old and modern.

– He has authored many books and articles on the Bible, topics of interest, especially his weekly Sunday article of the Arab Al Quds newspaper, for twenty years.

– His most noted works:

  1. Arabic translation of the Psalms from the original Hebrew languages, in six updated editions.
  2. Faith and Scripture, (co-authored with Fr. Yacoub Saadeh)
  3. The Holy Bible: Faith and Science?
  4. Homilies for the Year A

He was known for his kindness to others and his love for the Church of Jerusalem and the Palestinian people. He was a staunch defender of the Christian faith and presence worldwide.